February 24, 2010

El Segundo, CA- On Wednesday, February 10, Los Angeles D-Fenders players Keith Clark, Gabriel Hughes, Dar Tucker, Horace Wormely and James Wright joined forces with Just Like You International Sports Exchange. The players engaged in various games from around the world with students from LA's Best and the Sunshine Kids Foundation. The event was held post-game at the Toyota Sports Center.

Just Like You is a non-profit organization, which teaches kids about other cultures through traditional sports and games from around the world. This gives kids the chance to travel around the world without ever leaving home. In playing these games, kids are able to see that other kids all around the world live and play "just like you." The D-Fenders partnership with Just Like You promotes cultural education, along with fitness and wellness in today's youth.

D-Fenders players not only spent time teaching the children about the countries, but also participated in the games from the corresponding countries. The games that Just Like You selected for this event included, dog and the bone from India, open gates from South Africa, and pesek, commonly known as duck-duck-goose, which originated in the Czech Republic.

The Los Angeles D-Fenders are proud to collaborate with Just Like You International Sports Exchange and look forward to sharing these international games and encouraging health and fitness among more kids in the future.

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