D-League Cares Week: Reading, Writing, Itís Exciting Program

On Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 the Los Angeles D-Fenders made a visit to the Reading, Writing Itís Exciting program at Dolores Huerta Elementary School as part of D-League Cares Week. Courtney Fortson, Orien Greene and Jamario Moon were all on hand to encourage the students to keep up with their reading and writing all throughout the school year.

The D-Fenders first stop was to the basketball court where they competed against 5th grade classrooms in a spelling/shooting contest. Each student would be given a word that they must spell correctly in order to compete against one of the players. If the student spelled the word correctly they would then have 30 seconds to shoot as many free throws as possible while the D-Fender was shooting half court shots. All of the students aced the spelling portion of the contest and given the opportunity to shoot again a D-Fender.

The second part of the trip was then to a 3rd grade classroom where the D-Fenders handed out their new comic book to each of the students. Jamario Moon read an excerpt from the D-Fenders comic book to the kids. The kids enjoyed seeing the players show themselves in the comic book and to see all of the fun things that happen at D-Fender games.

The day concluded with another basketball competition, this time with a trashcan inside the classroom. The game began with a student being asked to be as descriptive as possible when describing a photo. This skill then translates to all of their writing where the more the descriptive they are the better there writing becomes. Once they had successfully described the photo they were asked to take s shot, but this time to be guarded by Jamario Moon. This competition was the favorite of the students because it was a chance to try to score on one of the D-Fender players.

The D-Fenders would like to thank Steven Kogen and Delores Huerta elementary School for letting the D-Fenders participate in this fun and educational program.

Photo Gallery From D-League Cares Week: Reading, Writing, Itís Exciting Program