NBA D-League FIT – Live Healthy Week: Los Angeles D-Fenders visit Valor Academy

To conclude NBA D-League FIT – Live Healthy Week the Los Angeles D-Fenders made a visit to Valor Academy. Three D-Fenders players, Zach Andrews, Brian Hamilton and Otis George participated in a discussion with 75 7th grade students about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. The students asked them a variety of questions; from who is your inspiration to do you like Justin Bieber? The kids received a unique insight on what it takes to play basketball professionally and a chance to get to know some of their favorite players better.

After the question and answer portion of the day the kids and players went outside to play some ‘Valor Games’. The kids wanted to teach the D-Fenders some of their one of kind games, to demonstrate how they stay active while at school. Two games were different variations of tag and the third and most popular game was called ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors, Dragon.’ This was a favorite of the players and a fun way to work together and to build up some healthy competition.

The object of the game was to beat your opponent at rock, paper, scissors. If you lost then you were to join their team and link together by holding on to their shoulders, thus creating a dragon when more and more people join. The end of the game comes down to two dragons facing off, where there can only be one dragon. Andrews, Hamilton and George were quickly beaten at rock, paper, scissors but joined their respective dragons and cheered on their teams. It was a great way to include all of the students in a fun and challenging game.

The D-Fenders would like to thank Valor Academy for allowing them to come in to their school for a day and to not only have a little fun but to talk about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Go Lions!

***Valor Academy has challenged the D-Fenders to a basketball game, which will commence later in the season.