Taco Bell Rumble was born in the Idaho wilderness and adopted in 1997 to a family of basketball fans. Instead of roaming the wild, looking for prey, he began roaming the baseline, looking to play. Taco Bell Rumble realized that he was meant to be on the sidelines during Stampede home games, and that is where you will find him every time the Stampede take the court.

Taco Bell Rumble is busy all year round with community events, corporate events, fitness routine, and in-season performances. Taco Bell Rumble always makes sure to head to local Treasure Valley businesses, where he gets not-so-extreme makeovers every year. Taco Bell Rumble's fur is softer, his vision is better than ever, and he's got a new jersey!

Taco Bell Rumble's Favorites:

    Height: 6 ft. 2 inches
    Paw Size: 12
    Favorite Book: How to be the Best Mascot In The Game
    Favorite Hangout: CenturyLink Arena, Taco Bell
    Favorite Movie: Coyote Ugly
    Favorite TV Show: ESPN Sportscenter and Looney Tunes' 'Roadrunner'
    Favorite Actor: Wile E. Coyote
    Favorite Food: Roadrunner (though he's never caught one) and TACO BELL, of course!
    Favorite Beverage: Mountain Dew
    Favorite Sport: Basketball, of course!
    Favorite Color: Stampede Red
    Role Model: Blaze the Trail Cat
    Hobbies: Laying around in the Idaho wilderness and watching Stampede games while snacking on some Taco Bell gorditas and chalupas!
    Saying: Live Mas!

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  • Happy Birthday Greeting on Scoreboard
  • Stampede Mini Ball
  • Opportunity to participate in a time-out contest

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    Contact us at (208) 388-4667 for more information. Request More Information