Greg CulverPA Announcer
Ron NuxollStats Crew
Jack KelpinStats Crew
George TuckerStats Crew
Gary HarwoodStats Crew
Chuck WardStats Crew
Jeff GerhardtStats Crew
Geoff MooreStats Crew
Mark StuderStats Crew
Clinton GreenAxiom Stunt Team
Bryan Garcia-BrownAxiom Stunt Team
Scott DonnellAxiom Stunt Team
Abel GrimaldoAxiom Stunt Team
Joseph MoorheadAxiom Stunt Team
Ben WatersAxiom Stunt Team
Ozzy MadridAxiom Stunt Team
Cathy SaboualaphaAxiom Stunt Team
Ariel RummlerAxiom Stunt Team
Nancy GildersleeveAxiom Stunt Team
Arielle ChattertonAxiom Stunt Team
Sadie KennelAxiom Stunt Team
Jenny ShepherdAxiom Stunt Team
Cathy BeckerAxiom Stunt Team
Kelly EdensAxiom Stunt Team
Cody SauerAxiom Stunt Team
Austin MillerAxiom Stunt Team
Colby JenkinsAxiom Stunt Team
Sarah HurtAxiom Stunt Team
Taylor ScruggsAxiom Stunt Team
Andie DevechioAxiom Stunt Team
Kellan McBrideAxiom Stunt Team
Tim JablonskiBlimp Technician
Jack ReadBlimp Technician
Rob HawthorneGame Operations
Mark SniderPlay-by-Play Broadcaster
Ross CookColor Commentary Broadcaster
Ron WeatherlyVideo Coordinator
Robert Walker, MDTeam Physician
Jim Johnston, MDTeam Physician
Darby Webb, MDTeam Physician
Chris Lawler, MDTeam Physician

Dedicated and qualified game day employees are extremely important for the successful operation of an Idaho Stampede game. If you are interested in joining our game day staff please e-mail or call us at (208) 388-4667.