pictured on right
YEARS ON TEAM: This will be my 1st year!
HOMETOWN: Meridian, Idaho
OCCUPATION: I am a dance coach for the Meridian High School dance team
DANCE TRAINING: I started dancing when I was 11 years old and have danced ever since. I danced at studio for a while where I was on a competitive team. I moved forward and danced on my high school dance team where we won many awards at local competitions, won the state title and won a national award.
SISTERS OR BROTHERS? I am the middle child out of 5 children. I have two older brothers, and two younger siblings. A little brother then a little sister.
NICKNAMES? My nicknames vary. I get called Nesquick, Q, Mo, Morg and all the good ol' names my big brother would call me to pick on me.
FAVORITE MOVIE: I am a movie person. I LOVE movie nights. I would have to say one of my favorite movies would have to be The Notebook or Warrior.
FAVORITE ACTRESS: Reese Witherspoon. She is good at what she does. She shows true emotion when she is acting and completely takes over her character.
SONG TO LISTEN TO: Of course what song I feel like listening to would depend on my mood. If I just need something, I like the Christian radio station. If I just want to rock out in my car, I like listening to 101.1 FM. But I do like good ol' country as well.
GO-TO WEBSITE: Pinterest, for sure!
FAVORITE FOOD: I love ALL food. I am a girl who can eat. I love salads all the way to steaks. I love sushi all the way to Indian food. I love it all!
FAVORITE QUOTE? Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you ever have been to stand up taller than you ever were.
FOUR WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOU? Blonde, spontaneous, outdoorsy, adventurous
WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO IN THE OFFSEASON? I like to be outside and go boating, rock climbing, camping and snow skiing, but I am still a girl who loves to shop on occasion.
WHAT ANIMAL WOULD YOU GET CLOSE TO, ASSUMING IT COULDN'T HURT YOU? I think a rhino would be pretty darn cool to get up close to.
WHAT IS YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE? Eating jalapeno chips and watching Say Yes to the Dress
WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE SUPERHERO? I like Thor... he is good looking and strong! He can save people with only a hammer!
TEN YEARS AGO, I WAS... running around in overalls playing tether ball.
TEN YEARS FROM NOW, I'LL BE... Hopefully married and done with school.
I WOULD DESCRIBE MY CAR AS... Green lightning. It is a green Dodge Stratus. It may look deceiving on the outside, but it is one heck of a car.
PET PEEVE? Slow drivers and too much ice in a drink. It's like I paid for ice since there is usually more of that than there actual drink.
MY STRANGEST HABIT IS: I always wear mis-matched socks.
THE BEST PART OF BOISE IS: The fun things you can do outside!
ADVICE TO YOUNG DANCERS Dance for you, not anybody else; and have fun along the way!