pictured on left
YEARS ON TEAM: This will be my 1st year!
BIRTHDAY: July 3, almost a firecracker baby!
HOMETOWN: Walla Walla, Washington - the town so nice they named it twice!
OCCUPATION: Currently attending Boise State University in pursuit of an Elementary Education Degree. Go Broncos! I also teach dance.
SISTERS OR BROTHERS? One little sister Tara. She is the basketball player, I am the dancer in the family.
NICKNAMES? People call me Katie K because my last name is so long. Little kids just laugh when they hear it.
FAVORITE ACTOR: Ryan Reynolds, self-explanatory.
FAVORITE ACTRESS: Jennifer Aniston. Who doesn't love Friends?
SONG TO LISTEN TO: To Where You Are by Josh Groban. So beautiful.
SONG TO DANCE TO: Free Fallin' by Tom Petty. It was the first slow dance with me and my boyfriend... in the 8th grade!
FAVORITE ALBUM: Any Will Smith, he's my workout buddy
GO-TO WEBSITE: Pinterest!
FAVORITE FOOD: My grandma's homemade caramels... Mmmmmm.
FAVORITE QUOTE? Make the most of yourself for that is all there is of you - Ralph Waldo Emerson
FOUR WORDS THAT DESCRIBE YOU: Blessed, compassionate, perfectionist, outgoing
WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE SUPERHERO? Catwoman. I just want the costume.
WHAT WAS THE LAST THING SOMEONE WROTE ON YOUR FACEBOOK WALL? Sometimes when I think about how much I love you and Kayla Holm and Courtney Kleckner it makes me want to cry the happiest crocodile tears ever.
TEN YEARS FROM NOW, I'LL BE... an elementary school teacher, dance teacher, married to my longtime boyfriend with one child and living in my favorite town of Boise, Idaho, cheering on the Stampede!
I WOULD DESCRIBE MY CAR AS... a cranberry.
I WOULD DESCRIBE MY BEDROOM AS... organized boho sheek.
PET PEEVE? Using the word "good" when you should use the word "well".
MY STRANGEST HABIT IS: cleaning when I get stressed.
ONE THING YOU WANT TO LEARN BEFORE YOU DIE? How to sew quilts and children's outfits.
ADVICE TO YOUNG DANCERS Dancing is the very best way to express yourself, let it be that special thing that makes you forget about everything else in the world and just enjoy life. And come take class from me! :)