Stampede home games to be powered by wind energy

Energy efficiency is a “slam dunk” strategy to save money and help preserve resources, and Idaho Power has winning programs to help you get in the game.

We’ve teamed with Idaho Stampede Green Week March 28–April 2 because responsible environmental stewardship and sustainability are values we share.

Together, Idaho Power and the Idaho Stampede will spotlight not just great basketball, but also the benefits of being wise and efficient consumers of the reliable and fair-priced energy services that Idaho Power delivers to your door safely and proudly, day and night.

“Energy efficiency is our first resource choice,” said Theresa Drake, Idaho Power’s manager of Customer Relations and Energy Efficiency. “It conserves resources, defers the need to build costly new generation and transmission facilities, and helps minimize the need to purchase high-cost power from other sources in the energy marketplace.”

While you’re enjoying the excitement of the Idaho Stampede-Utah Flash games April 1–2, you’ll experience “the power of green.” That’s because energy use at the arena will be offset during the games by green power. Green power comes from certified regional wind projects through Idaho Power’s Green Power Program.

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Among the programs that we offer to help you become a wiser energy consumer are:

• See Ya Later Refrigerator. Chances are the old refrigerator or freezer in your garage or basement is running up your utility bill by an average of $100 a year. Recycle it, reduce your energy use and keep harmful materials out of the landfill. We’ll pick it up for free and you’ll pick up $30.

• Energy-efficient lighting. ENERGY STAR®-qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) use 75 percent less energy and last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. So you save energy, money and time. Check your local retailer for promotional pricing on CFLs.

• Home improvement. Adding attic insulation will help reduce your heating and cooling costs. Have a professional do the work, and Idaho Power will pay you 15 cents per square foot if the “R” value is increased by R-10 or greater.

Learn about our energy-saving programs at With Idaho Power’s energy efficiency team on your side, you’ll be a winner.