YEARS ON TEAM: This will be my 3rd year!
HOMETOWN: Pocatello, Idaho
OCCUPATION: Benefit support coordinator
SISTERS OR BROTHERS? Only child. Not spoiled... loved!
FAVORITE MOVIE: Pitch Perfect, No Strings Attached, The Holiday
FAVORITE TV SHOW: Smash, Dance Moms, and Glee; I love anything that includes singing and dancing.
FAVORITE ACTRESS: Lea Michelle from Glee. She has the most amazing voice and is so talented! I sometimes pretend I am her while driving in my car belting out a song.
FAVORITE MUSICAL ARTIST: Sara Bareilles, Tyrone Wells and the Band Perry
GO-TO WEBSITE: Google, you can literally find anything!!!!
FAVORITE BOOK: My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler
FAVORITE PRO OR COLLEGE TEAM, OTHER THAN THE STAMPEDE: College - the one and only Boise State. Pro - Seattle Seahawks... they have the BEST dancers!!!
FAVORITE FOOD: Mexican. I love enchiladas, nachos, taco salad, chips and salsa, quesadillas, etc.
FOUR WORDS THAT DESCRIBE YOU: Loyal, dedicated, reserved, sarcastic
WHAT DO YOU DO IN THE OFFSEASON? I spend time with friends and family, work out and work
WHAT IS YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE? Sleeping in and laying in bed all day watching TV and movies
TEN YEARS AGO, I WAS... with a broken leg swearing I would never ever ever cheer again!
TEN YEARS FROM NOW, I'LL BE... happy and healthy!
ONE THING I LIKE TO DO AFTER A STAMPEDE GAME IS: go out with the girls for a bite to eat.
PET PEEVE? People who are big giant flakes
MY STRANGEST HABIT IS: playing games on my phone. I think I may be a gamer.
THE BEST PART OF BOISE IS: The greenbelt! It is beautiful and when the weather is nice, there is nothing better htan floating or taking a run/walk.
ADVICE TO YOUNG DANCERS Always try your hardest and if you really love and enjoy it, it won't seem like work at all!