Coyote gets teeth cleaned by local dentist

Kathy Ellis, Regence Caring Foundation (March 3, 2011)

What happens when you team up with a coyote mascot, a basketball player and a dentist? It’s the Regence Caring Foundation’s latest “Brushing Buddies” promotion.

Rumble, the coyote mascot of the Idaho Stampede basketball team in Boise, had a toothache. He convinced Antoine Walker, a player for the Stampede, to take him to the dental office of Dr. Scott Grant for an examination.

Dr. Grant quickly discovered that Rumble had some food stuck between his back teeth. Using his special “coyote floss,” Dr. Grant dislodged the food particles and talked to Rumble about proper brushing and flossing techniques.

After his exam, Rumble, Antoine and Dr. Grant met some children in the lobby of the dental office who were interested to know why Rumble was there. Dr. Grant explained that Rumble had a toothache as a result of not flossing and brushing daily.

Children who see a Regence Caring Foundation dentist in the southwest Idaho area throughout the month of February, March and April, and have a good check-up will receive a free ticket to an Idaho Stampede basketball game.

For more information, contact the Idaho Regence Caring Foundation office at (208) 395-7741.