Bobbitt Finds Happiness By Supplying Smiles
Why is Tony Bobbitt The Way He Is?

By Trevor Thorpe
Anyone attending an Idaho Stampede game will see the high-energy guard, Tony Bobbitt, greeting players and coaches from the opposing team and even the referees like family. But from tip off until the final buzzer, Bobbitt is all about the game.
Bobbitt’s infectious energy and positive attitude are in part due to his high school coach who used to say, “’if you wake up in the morning, and you’re not happy, think about those guys who are at war right now dying for us.’” This advice has stuck with Bobbitt, and living happy has become his way of life.
“Very few things can tick me off,” Bobbitt shares. “If you go around mad at people or moaning and groaning everyday, you’re not going to get anything accomplished for yourself.”
The “It’s a great day to be alive” philosophy has been Bobbitt’s fuel for success in his career. After playing his first two years of college ball at the College of Southern Idaho, he transferred to the University of Cincinnati where he averaged 10.9 points per game under legendary head coach Bob Huggins. His attitude and hard work earned him a spot on the 2004-05 L.A. Lakers where he played two games. After playing for several teams in the D-League, Bobbitt joined the Stampede last season where his impact has been felt (14.3 ppg, 4.1 rpg, 2.4 apg, 1.9 spg) since.
Every team Bobbitt goes to, his coaches and teammates tell him the difference his presence makes in brightening the mood, and the Stampede is no exception. Bobbitt response is, “if you don’t get along with your teammates and can’t get a laugh out of your team, then who can you get a laugh out of?”
While Bobbitt loves to joke and have fun, he takes seriously his role as a veteran leader on a team of primarily young players. “I’m here to help [the young guys] out in all ways, but they need to understand that once we get on the court, it’s time to play ball,” Bobbitt explains. “We can joke afterwards, after the win, but you know out here between the lines, no joking. Let’s play ball.”
The savvy veteran guard has already set the tone by leading the team in scoring twice (14.3 ppg) and rebounding once (3.3 rpg) in this season’s first four games. “I got to build them up. It’s all about confidence, if I can motivate my young fellows to think they can be the best player they can be. If I don’t open my mouth, no one will.”
As the season continues, expect to see more of Bobbitt’s leadership combination of happiness and intensity.
“It’s a confidence builder. If I don’t smile, they’re not going to smile. You know, I’m just being Tony Bobbitt.”