June Prize-A-Day Giveaway

Each day in the month of June, one lucky 2012-13 season ticket holder will be selected to win a prize. The earlier you secure your season tickets, the better chance you have at winning. Season tickets start at just $5 per game with flexible payment plans. All season ticket holders will also receive a free limited edition t-shirt as well as other great incentives. Call the BayHawks office to renew or purchase your season tickets today at 814-790-5600!

June 1Brian Streeter
June 2Yvonne Horn
June 3Anne Marx
June 4Julio Pazmino
June 5Dave Schlabach
June 6Chris Sinnott
June 7Kevin Carmosino
June 8Bill Vassen
June 9Russ Straub
June 10Gwendolyn White
June 11Damon Hopkins
June 12Betty Vaughn
June 13Judy Brown
June 14Dave Waples
June 15Shawn O'Brien
June 16Cheryl Ferrie
June 17Joe Snyder
June 18Bruce Bernard
June 19Ed Williams
June 20Cathy Szymanski
June 21Aaron Press
June 22Sandy Hurban
June 23Fr. John Murphy
June 24Steve Blackman
June 25Gary Svetz
June 26Christine Rush
June 27Dr. Dave Iadeluca
June 28Kara Grise
June 29Jim E. Martin
June 30Bruce Cooper