Why does it make sense to be a Corporate Partner of the Canton Charge?

  • Ownable – We strive to find areas of dominance in our game experience for your brand to stand out and be recognized.
  • Unique – We think we’re special, and we think our partners brands are special too. Our goal is to bring out what makes you, you!
  • Flexible – The Canton Charge strive to create long term partnerships, not dictatorships.
  • Authenticates Messaging – The purpose of a sports partnership should be to make your message come to life in the minds of fans.
  • Amplification of Perceived Quality – We don’t make your marketing department, we make your marketing department, bigger.
  • Builds Loyalty – Sports fans are extremely loyal, and that loyalty transfers to the businesses that support those fans’ favorite team.
  • Increase sales without damaging Brand Equity – Working together, we want to create unique traffic drivers to send more customers through your doors, and do so without cheapening the value of your product or service.
  • Integrated and Applied Package – Our staff wants to seek first to understand, then to be understood. Our goal is to listen, learn, and come back with a comprehensive proposal to help your business achieve its goals.
  • Transference of Qualities – The Canton Charge mission is to create quality experiences and lifelong memories for our fans and the community. Sports are fun, and they connect with people like nothing else in society can. Join us, and let’s bring a little more fun to the Canton community, together!

CLICK HERE to view a full list of current Canton Charge Corporate Partners.

If your business has any questions about partnering with the Canton Charge or would like more information, please call 330-489-1701 and ask to speak to someone in our Corporate Partnership department or email

Thank you for considering the Canton Charge!