Charge Alumni Q&A: Arinze Onuaku

Q: How do you think youíve been playing thus far in NBA Summer League? I think Iíve been doing alright. Thereís always room for improvement, but Iím trying to stay ready in coming off the bench. I just try to be a defensive presence, rebound the ball and be highly effective around the rim.

Q: What do you feel are the strengths to your game and what improvements have you been working on this summer? I have strength as a mobile big that plays defense and can rebound aggressively. I can catch anything and finish around the rim at a high percentage. In the summer you work on number of things: body quickness, footwork and all those little things that you need to play a high level.

Q: Do you feel like you have a chance to make it in an NBA teamís rotation because of those strengths? Every team needs bigs that can do those things. If youíre a big with good hands & feet, theyíll love you. Any roster needs that and I just need to prove that I have enough of all of those attributes to be able to make a positive addition to any of these teams.

Q: Did you have other offers from teams for Summer League? What made you choose the Suns? Yes, I had heard from a few other teams. I felt like the Suns were good fit. They have the Morris twins who both play multiple positions so I can be on the floor at same time and maximize my opportunities on the court.

Q: How has it been for you the past couple weeks playing for a different team and whole new system in short period of time? We have two-a-days for three days on top of other practices where so much is thrown at you. You have to pick it up on fly and be alert at all times all while trying to make good impression both mentally and physically.

Q: Talk about your first experience with RGV & what about your mindset changed in your second stint in the D-League with canton this past year so successful? I came to Rio Grande Valley the last month of the season (2010-11) and into the playoffs to rehab after my injury in college. The Rockets had followed me at Syracuse and brought me there to check me out and see my progress. I came back into the D-League in Canton this past year that since I was healthy, I wanted to try to dominate and show I belong playing with the better competition and hopefully into the next level.

Q: Would you ever consider playing overseas innternationally? Why or why not? I played in Lithuania before and I know going international to play is always an option. You canít ever rule anything out and always have to choose the best option for yourself personally and professionally.

Q: You guys have been in Vegas nearly two weeks now. Have you been able to see any sights or has most of it been spent in the gym? Not really, itís been mostly basketball. There are so many practices and meetings, but when you do have a little time you want relax and rest up for next practice or game.

Q: Other than yourself, what D-League players should fans look out for that are making an impression in Summer League right now? The guys that have really impressed me are some of the ones already on contract with teams. Meyers Leonard with Portland and Chris Johnson with Minnesota are two guys that Iíve been against and noticed. Theyíre proven young guys who are major contributors to their teams and it kind of confirms my hard work when Iím able to hang with them in these games.

Q: Despite only playing in Canton for part of the season, you made a huge impression with Charge fans and have been getting great responses on Twitter/Facebook on updates in your play. Anything to say to them? Thanks for having me and I feel it was a really great experience. Iím trying to use what I learned in Canton to move forward to the highest level and I appreciate all of the support.

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