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Charge Alumni Q&A: Kyle Weaver

Q: What were your main objectives while playing with the NBA D-League Select team in Vegas Summer League? One was to work on my overall game because any time you get to be on the floor, you have to be working to get better. Second was to be most consistently at my best. Every scout from every team you could ever think of was in the gym watching, so you wanted to go hard the right way and do that consistently in front of them. Everyone wants that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and for me having been there before, trying to get back is tough. I want to take advantage of every situation I find myself in.

Q: What do you feel are the strengths to your game and what improvements have you been working on this summer? Again, being consistent is one of the most difficult things to do. You can always work on shooting and get better, but getting above that threshold into the NBA requires strong consistency.

Q: Do you feel like you have a chance to make it in an NBA teamís rotation because of your versatility? It depends on what team and what theyíre looking for, but I think I definitely fit the description. I wouldnít be here if I didnít feel that way. I can be versatile and play different positions and do multiple things that would be more attractive and valuable to a team. I also have to be as good as possible in my niche to better my chances.

Q: Did you and other members of the D-League Select squad feel a bit of extra motivation or maybe even a sense of ďus vs. themĒ because you were not on an NBA clubís Summer League team? I donít think we purposely thought about it, but we had a little more respect, care and commitment for each other because we were all there in the same boat and representing ourselves. We wanted to make some noise and be noticed for the right reasons in playing well together and winning.

Q: How was it for you the past couple weeks playing for your coach in Canton, Alex Jensen? I definitely had some flashbacks (laughs). From the outside looking in, some might think playing for your former coach and would get you a lot of minutes but that wasnít the case. There was a lot of talent on that team and not many minutes to go around so I had to keep confidence in myself and be ready. He knew what I can do and let me know that I would have a chance and to stay with it, and I tried to take full advantage whenever those minutes came.

Q: Talk about the trade from Austin to Canton this past season and your mindset from being a reserve guy to becoming one of the main components in a teamís playoff run. I missed those first few months in Austin while recovering and then got traded. I went from barely coming off bench to a starter playing major minutes with a key role on a good team. It feels good to be at bottom in career/life and work your way up to get to a point where youíre excelling and being involved. Itís a great feeling and I was so happy that Canton wanted me and got me. Sometimes all it takes is getting the opportunity.

Q: Talk a bit about your journey in the NBA & D-League and what motivates you to be the positive, hard-working and unselfish player that you display on the court. Itís hard to sayÖ I donít think I practice it or was taught it. I think I stay that way just by what Iíve experienced. I was traded after I was drafted before I even played in a game. Iíve been injured and played overseas. All of my experiences and stops through basketball have allowed me to grow as person and player. My will and want got stronger as time went on and as I went through things. When you survive those tough times, it makes you stronger and I think that all made me the man I am today.

Q: You guys were in Vegas for over two weeks. Were you able to see any sights or was most of it spent in the gym? Thereís just so much basketball where we have two a days and we scrimmage other teams. Thereís just a lot of time spent in the gym and itís hard to enjoy yourself all while staying focused. I mostly just relaxed by the pool whenever I could to rest. We were there to get to that next level so distractions werenít an option for me.

Q: Other than yourself, what D-League players should fans look out for that made an impression in Summer League? Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green. I think it was cool having those guys on the floor to see them play and wanting to get better in the summer when theyíre already part of their teamís rotation. Golden State had a huge year and they were still there extra in the summer working hard and I like that.

Q: Despite only playing in Canton for part of the season, you made a huge impression with Charge fans and have been getting great responses on Twitter/Facebook on updates in your play. Anything to say to them? I remember coming to Canton and I hated coming here as an opponent. We had only been there once or twice but you could tell that it had a real home court advantage and you knew it was going to be a tough game. Then when I got traded there, I got to see those same tough fans were behind me now and it was unreal. We would see the same faces at every game and out and about in town. It was incredible. You represent all these people when you play so you want to do your best and make them proud. Iím still carrying them with me now and just want to make them proud.

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