Charge Alumni Q&A: Kyle Gibson

Q: Talk about bouncing back from your wrist injury late last season when you were playing so well to being back to full strength now.

It was real tough. I was sad when it happened because we were doing so well and I had some eyes on me. Thatís basically how I got to be with Chicago in Vegas Summer League, because they were looking at me during the season. It was tough missing that playoff run and having to watch my teammates play without me. I know I couldíve helped a lot but, I had to be cheerleader and help the guys by giving my support and another perspective.

Q: What do you feel are the strengths to your game and what improvements have you been working on this summer?

Iíve really been working getting back in shape and working on my ball handling with my wrist. I was only out a few moths but you donít realize all of the small intricacies of the ball bouncing and the feel of it. It was the same thing with shooting, since my shooting hand had to get that rhythm back in catching, releasing and the feel. I was relearning that all over again but I really feel like Iím back to where I was before..

Q: Do you feel like you have a chance to make it in an NBA teamís rotation because of your versatility, having played four different positions throughout games last year?

I think I bring key scoring, I think I guard multiple positions with my height and that allows me to be on the court more. Some people donít notice, but I think I have a high basketball IQ and thatís a skill in my opinion. Being in the right spots, knowing opponents and the mental aspects of the game put me in the best position to use my physical attributes.

Q: Did you have other offers from teams for Vegas Summer League? What made you choose the Bulls?

There were a few teams that wanted to bring me in, but my wrist wasnít all the way healed yet at the time that they were looking. The Bulls had been watching me last season and brought me into a training camp right before Summer League was going to begin.

Q: How was it jumping in and playing for a different team with a whole new system in such a short period of time?

It can be a lot sometime. They throw a lot at you in camp and this whole process, adding new plays and sets daily. They have their own agenda to work on in camp and their guys under contract, so you have to keep up with them mentally and physically while still showcasing yourself in front of the scouts. After the mental aspects, all you can control is your effort and if those two things fall into place, I think everything else can.

Q: You went from being cut by Iowa in their training camp to playing a key role on a championship contender two straight years. What was your mindset throughout that?

Iowa just might not have been my time and my opportunity, so I had to have the mindset that the next one is the right one. Playing basketball is what I love to do and I always have to go all out because you never know what can happen. Guys are assigned, called up and there is a ton of player movement, so you always have to be at your best and have that right mindset. I personally donít get too high or too low, I just look to the next situation.

Q: Would you ever consider playing overseas in Europe/China? Why or why not?

Yes. If things donít work out into training camp or Iím not close to making a team, I would go overseas for the experience.

Q: You were in Vegas for over two weeks. Were you able to see any sights or was most of your time there spent in the gym?

I got to do a little shopping and go to dinner with some teammates and family, but I mostly relaxed. I donít like clubs or anything like that. My parents came out to watch me play and support me, so I spent a lot time with them and it was really great.

Q: Other than yourself, what D-League alumni should fans look out for to make a splash in the NBA next season?

I like Darius Johnson Odom, heís real aggressive and I like his game. I think he was drafted by the Lakers. Andrew Goudelock was on the Bulls with me in Vegas and played significantly for the Lakers in the playoffs a couple seasons back. Those two guys have been playing well from what I saw and stand out to me.

Q: Anything to say to all of Charge Nation who have gotten to know you a little bit over these past two seasons?

I always appreciate the support and always notice it, through the good and bad. Iíll try to make them proud wherever I end up!