Cavalier Girl Caryanne Q&A

Q: First the standard dance question: When did you begin dancing and how did you know it was something you wanted to stick with?

My mom was a softball player and she tried getting me to play, but I NEVER wanted to play in the dirt! I did not want to get dirty at all and I told her that I wanted to dance. I was 5 or 6 at the time and she put me in studio dancing. I was there for two years then I went to competitive cheer/dance and have been doing it ever since.

Q: What made you think that being a professional dancer would be an option for you and what made you go for it?

When I was in 7th-8th grade, I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. I also saw the cheerleaders at Cavs games and wanted to be them some day. I tried out for the Cavalier Girls when I was 18 and got cut before finals. So after that, I kept dancing and went to worlds in Florida to keep practicing. I didnít try out last year because I was cut before and wasnít sure if I was ready to do it again. One of my old friends told me to try out for the Charge and I decided to give it a shot. (Other former Charge Girl) Kelsey texted me to say she was doing it too and that was before I even told her, so I was happy I would have someone to do it with.

Q: Talk about what stood out to you during the first phase of Cavalier Girls auditions this year. How difficult was that initial day?

I wasnít as nervous probably because I was with some of the Charge Girls. We all did it together and made it through the first sets of cuts and made Day 2. We were SO excited! Then after that, we still did well enough to make finalsÖ and itís so hard to explain but it was so amazing. I canít even put it in words to be honest with you.

Q: You made it to the finals, which was a huge event at Shooters on the water. Talk us through that night a bit and what went through your mind when you heard your name called.

It really was a huge event and a little intimidating, but all I was thinking was that I love performing and Iím not afraid to perform in front of anyone. Put a million people in front of me and Iíll do it. When we were waiting in back in the holding area, I was holding Kelsey & Jessyís arms waiting to hear names. I was the 12th or 13th called and I was so shocked that I couldnít think. (Charge Girls Coach) Toni was on the stairs and had her arms out so I ran to her and hugged her. I was just so happy and in shock and couldnít believe I was a Cavalier Girl!

Q: Before this fantastic experience making the Cavalier Girls, you were a member of the first-ever Charge Girls team. Do you have a favorite moment from that season?

Oh wow I loved the Charge so much and us girls became so close. Toni pushed us so hard and I wouldnít be a Cavalier Girl without her and all of the other girls. Our games were so fun and the atmosphere was so great, I couldnít have been happier. I still wanted to do it and come back, which honestly the only negative about being a Cavalier Girl now is I wonít be with the Charge anymore. It was such an amazing experience.

Q: Whatís the best part about dancing at games in front of crowds?

I love performing ever and since I was little, Iíve never been shy or scared! When my dance team from my gym made it to the big world championships in Orlando, one of the biggest and itís the one on ESPNÖ even then I wasnít scared. Even when we had Charge Night at The Q and getting a taste of a crowd of 20,000 people, I was relishing the chance to perform.

Q: What are you looking forward to most about being a Cavalier Girl?

There are 18 girls and we had eight Charge Girls, so Iím excited to be close with all these girls and our team. I hope for a great season and to make the playoffs. Iím also excited for the camp, all the training and shooting the calendar. Some of the veterans told me that practices go until 2am and are very difficult, but Iím ready for it all and to dedicate my life to it!

Q: Since youíre from Cleveland, how does it feel to be able to represent your hometown team that you grew up a fan of? Has a lot of your family already reached out to you about coming to watch you?

My whole entire family already has been asking for tickets! I had my little cousinís birthday party Sunday and ALL of my little cousins and their friends said they voted for me. They said, ďYouíre a Cavs Girl because we voted for you every day. You better get us tickets!Ē They were SO cute! Itís just something that Iím still so shocked about and didnít think it would ever happen despite being my dream since I was little.

Q: Do you have any other career aspirations? If not, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I think for now I want to see how far I can go with my dance career. Itís been so fun and Iím young so now is the time to try and take advantage. Beyond that, I could go to school and keep working, but I want to live this up for now and worry about that later. Iím just taking it day by day.

Q: Being an esteemed veteran of the Charge Girls and now a Cavalier Girl, what advice would you give to young women who are auditioning with the Charge on Sunday or have the same aspirations that you do?

Being part of the Charge Girls was best experience and Toni pushed us to be the best. We always wanted to look the best, dance the best and smile. Itís the best and anyone who makes it will have the time of their life!

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