Get to know Swish

Height: 6 feet

Weight: A fox never tells

Home Town: Bakersfield, CA

Hobbies: Playing basketball, going to Jam games, reading and helping kids

Favorite Sport: Basketball, of course!

Favorite Colors: Red, white, and blue

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Movie: The Fox and the Hound

Favorite Song: Foxy Lady

Favorite Dance: Fox Trot

Favorite Actors: MIchael J. Fox, Redd Foxx

Favorite Actress: Vivica Fox

Favorite Book: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Swish In Action!

Swish faces off with Albuquerque Thunderbirds mascot Trey during the Jam's season opener in Albuquerque...

Swish goes on the offensive!

The mascots shake hands after an honorable and well-fought duel.

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