Reno Showcase Interview

With the D-League Showcase in Reno, Nevada right around the corner we decided to ask some of the Toros players some questions involving their preparation for the big event.

1. Is this your first time competing at the D-League Showcase? If so, what do you plan to do differently or the same in your play?

"No, I've been before. First I want to get two wins as a team. As an individual I want to be assertive and make the right plays. Go out there, have fun and compete." Jamarr Sanders

"Yes, this is my first time competing. Ive heard its a great experience, but really I dont know what to expect. I just hope to go out there and surprise the scouts. Show them what they dont expect. Rick Jackson

2. What are you most excited about being in Nevada for the Showcase next week?

"This is a good chance for us to see what we can do as a team when the level of competition and focus is so high. Kyle Weaver

"I'm excited about seeing everyone showcase their talent. This event separates the men from the boys, it can either make you or break you. Justin Dentmon

3. Do you think the competition steps up at a showcase like this with so many scouts present? How so?

"Definitely, some people will play out of character to impress the scouts, but it is important for me to just play my game and do what I have been doing all season. Continue to improve." Jamarr Sander

"Yes, its like a playoff atmosphere. Some guys will wait all season and just show up for the showcase." Justin Dentmon

4. How have you prepared yourself leading up to next weeks event?

"I am always thinking about the next game or the next practice. It is on my mind 24 hours a day. The mind controls the body so it is important to be mentally prepared." Tre Kelley

"I haven't tried to change anything. I like to keep the same intensity all season long and play hard every single night." Tyler Wilkerson

5. How do you plan to set yourself apart from all the players competing for a contract next week?

"I want to play under control and make the simple plays. Defense is the key. A lot of people can score, but if you can lock somebody down that will set you apart." Aubrey Coleman

"Being the best player there and playing the right way with the right attitude." Justin Dentmon