On the Road with the Toros

Justin Bowen, March 31

Itís 6:53am and Iím in the airport in Fort Worth/Dallas checking in with you all to keep you updated on the latest Toros news. We just finished our West Coast trip. We played Anaheim, LA, and Bakersfield. We lost our first game and we won the last two. California was fun for me. I got a chance to see my brother and his newborn baby so I was pretty excited about that.

The team has made some changes with the personnel and the chemistry with the new guys is still forming. Weíre focusing on making our last run of the season before the playoffs start. Congrats to my homeboy Marcus Williams, who got a call-up from the Clippers for the rest of the season. With all the changes with the team, we still find a way to win and thatís good and sometimes rare in the D-league. I think our staff has done a good job in making adjustments to players and their games to benefit the team.

Well guys, I will stay in touch and you all continue to support through prayer and attendance at the games and as we will continue to progress. Next game is Wednesday against Albuquerque so be there. Itís the big payback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carldell Johnson, March 31

Hi everybody itís Carldell Squeaky Johnson. Iím tired and ready to get back to Austin. When I get there I will be excited to see my girlfriend Michelle. She will be happy to see me too. We are finalizing our west coast road trip as you know. It was more of a down time for me. Our first game was a tough loss, although it was close at the end. I think the first game could have killed our momentum and confidence for the trip. We were fortunate to have a good coaching staff to motivate us for the next game.

The next game was the toughest one. We had to play without one of our most versatile players Marcus Williams due to a call-up. Itís funny due to all the changes through out the year some one always seem to step up and accept the challenge. This weekend it was Justin Bowen. He really set the tone for the rest of the trip. As for me, I spent most of my off time with the Kenton Paulino family. We were able to visit all the tourist sites such as Hollywood, Bel Air, and Beverly Hills. Oh!! I canít forget about the famous Roscoeís chicken and waffles. I think that was a nice dish aside from Popeyeís. It was funny cause he actually drove us to all of those areas. I joked about after, saying if that was my brother Lonnie he would have pointed to each direction and told us what each site was like. Well itís time to board so keep supporting the Toros-- gotta go.