NBA-Drafted NBA D-League Players Can Now Be Directly Claimed by NBA Parent Club’s Affiliate

NEW YORK, March 4, 2014 – The NBA Development League today announced that NBA D-League players who are also on an NBA team’s ‘draft list’ may be directly acquired by the affiliate of the NBA team that holds his draft rights. Such players will be able to bypass the usual NBA D-League player selection processes, including the NBA D-League Draft and the in-season waiver wire. The new rule will take effect beginning with the 2014-15 NBA D-League season.

Under the new rule, NBA D-League players who are on an NBA team’s ‘draft list’ will have the opportunity to automatically play for their NBA team’s NBA D-League affiliate both prior to the NBA D-League Draft and at any point during the season. In the case of players who join the NBA D-League mid-season, NBA D-League teams will have 24 hours to claim or relinquish rights to the player whose draft rights are retained by their NBA parent club. An NBA team’s 'draft list' consists of players for whom that team holds exclusive NBA contract signing rights.

“More easily enabling an NBA D-League player on an NBA team’s ‘draft list’ to join that team’s NBA D-League affiliate is a very important step in the continued evolution of our development system,” said Dan Reed, NBA D-League President. “As more and more NBA teams are investing in their own exclusive NBA D-League affiliate, this rule change will lead to improved development opportunities that will benefit our players and the league as a whole."

A player’s status as a draft rights player will supersede any other NBA D-League player rights, except in the case of players drafted into the NBA prior to 2014, in which case returning player rights take precedence over any other player rights for the 2014-15 season only.

Prior to the implementation of the new rule, only certain players cut from an NBA team’s training camp, not those whose draft rights were owned, were eligible to be protected by the parent club’s NBA D-League team.