Q&A with Coach Jenkins

On the opportunity to become the head coach of the Austin Toros:

“I am truly blessed. This is an unbelievable opportunity. These last four years as an assistant have really prepared me for taking this next step. I have had support from the organization all four years, and I know I will continue to have that moving forward. It’s very special to be involved in the Spurs organization year round. Being able to interact and learn from the coaches as well as players. We want to make sure what we are doing in Austin is exactly the same thing as they are doing here in San Antonio.”

On the importance of modeling the Toros organization after the Spurs:

“Since the first day the Spurs bought the Toros in 2007, their main mission was to create San Antonio in Austin. We want to have the same program on the court as well as off the court. We also want to instill the same community values in our team. Learning all these years in San Antonio allows us to do that in Austin.”

On the focus and importance of the D-League:

“You look back to last year, it was such a special season. We won the championship and all of the guys worked so hard from day one. On top of that, we had five different guys make it to the NBA. It makes it that much more special. Especially having some of our guys earn call-ups from the Spurs. When Corey (Joseph) came down to play with us and to help with Gary Neal and T.J. Ford’s rehabs, all of those things are important. At the end of the day, it is our mission to create any value we can for the Spurs organization. The championship was a nice icing on the cake, but getting those guys to get better every day and helping them get to the NBA is truly what it is all about.”

On his experience working Spurs training camp:

“I have been fortunate this year, and really the last couple of years, to get more involved and gain the trust of the Spurs coaches. I take this as an opportunity to learn. We just hired a new assistant staff in Austin, as well as some new interns. It is important that we are all here learning how to do things at a high level here in San Antonio. Learning the values, the missions. Learning what Coach Pop and the coaching staff are trying to do and implement so we can take that back to Austin and do the same thing.”