Capital City Dancers: Precious

Name: Precious
Nickname: PJ
Birthday: June 27
Hometown: Fort Worth
Years on Team: 1st year
College Attended/Attending: Tarrant County College
Hobbies: Dancing, Performing, Shopping, Being a Nanny!
Pets: 2 dogs (Cubic Zirconia “CZ”, Booker T “BT”), 1 cat (Wordsworth), 1 snake (Beelzebug), 1 fish (Nemo)
Favorite Restaurants: Mexican (Pappasitos), Chinese
Favorite Movies: Superbad, The Five Heartbeats, Pygmalion, Little Shop of Horrors, Beetlejuice
Favorite Music: Gospel, R&B, Country
Favorite or Dream Car: My Tahoe, Dodge Viper, Jaguar Coupe, Mercedes, Turbo Porsche
Favorite or Dream Vacation Spot: Anywhere in South America
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Sports Team (besides the Toros): Cowboys
Favorite Store to Shop: The Dollar Store, Supreme Beauty
Beauty Product You Can’t Live Without: Fashion Fare - Brown Blaze Glow
How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Have In Your Closet: Too many to count!
How Long Have You Been Dancing: 14+ years
Who Is Your Dance Icon: Alvin Ailey, Debbie Allen
What Are Your Long-Term Goals: Own a dance studio, create my own line of clothing