Capital City Dancers: Amy

Name: Amy
Nickname: Ames
Birthday: November 5
Hometown: Austin
Years on Team: 1st year
College Attended/Attending: St. Edward’s
Hobbies: Travelling, Cooking, Texting, Taking Pictures, Art, Getting Tattoos, Shopping
Pets: my kitten Delilah
Favorite Restaurants: Kenichi, Taverna, Homeslice, Serrannos
Favorite Movies: Austin Powers, The Fountain, The South Park Movie
Favorite Music: Trae & Z-Ro, Chamillionare, Say Anything, Panic at the Disco
Favorite or Dream Car: BMW 3 Series Convertible
Favorite or Dream Vacation Spot: Barcelona, Spain and Moorea, French Polynesia
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Sports Team (besides the Toros): NY Giants and Longhorns
Favorite Store to Shop: Saks
Beauty Product You Can’t Live Without: Mascara and Lip Gloss
How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Have In Your Closet: 53
How Long Have You Been Dancing: Forever
Who Is Your Dance Icon: Madonna (circa Cone Bra)
What Are Your Long-Term Goals: Travel the world, see everything there is to see with my fabulous boyfriend, learn French, and improve my culinary skills.