Bella, Bamma

Chicago, IL 

How Many Years Have You Been a Capital City Dancer?

Why Do You Dance?
Because I love to dance.

Other Than School or Work, What Do You Like to Do in Your Free Time?
Hunt and read.

Favorite Sport/Team:
Chicago Bulls

Favorite Food:

Favorite Movie:
I like all movies.

What's Your Favorite Season and Why?
Winter because I like snow.

Three Things in Your Purse You Can't Live Without:
Blush, phone and lip balm

What's One Interesting Fact About Yourself?
I opened for Lupe Fiasco and Ciera.

What Would Your Dream Job Be?
Food critic

If You Could Have Dinner with One Person, Who Would it Be and Why?
My Dad because he is my biggest fan.

Favorite Thing About Austin, Texas:
The people! Because they are so friendly!



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