Jo, Jodes

Deer Park, TX

How Many Years Have You Been a Capital City Dancer?
This will be my second season.

Why Do You Dance?
Itís the most fun way to stay in shape.

Other Than School or Work, What Do You Like to Do in Your Free Time?
I like hiking with my dog, Dixie.

Favorite Sport/Team:
Texas Longhorns

Favorite Food:
Chips and Queso

Favorite Movie:
The Princess Bride

What's Your Favorite Season and Why?
Summer, itís the only season Texas has.

Three Things in Your Purse You Can't Live Without:
Keys, phone and credit card

What's One Interesting Fact About Yourself?
I play guitar.

What Would Your Dream Job Be?
American Gadiator

If You Could Have Dinner with One Person, Who Would it Be and Why?
Tanny, my 88 year old grandma because she is hilarious.

Favorite Thing About Austin, Texas:
All the outdoor festivals and Lady Bird Lake.

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