Del Rio, TX

How Many Years Have You Been a Capital City Dancer?
1st year

Why Do You Dance?
I dance to express myself

Other Than School or Work, What Do You Like to Do in Your Free Time?
I like to hang out with my friends and go shopping!

Favorite Sport/Team:
Basketball/San Antonio Spurs

What's Your Favorite Season and Why?
Summer because I love to swim and float the river.

Three Things in Your Purse You Can't Live Without:
iPhone, wallet and lip gloss.

What's One Interesting Fact About Yourself?
In high school I held the title of Miss Del Rio 2006-2007.

What Would Your Dream Job Be?
Owner of a dance studio.

If You Could Have Dinner with One Person, Who Would it Be and Why?
If I could have dinner with anyone it would be Chris Evens because he is my celebrity crush.

Favorite Thing About Austin, Texas:
Lake Travis.


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