Mari, Bug, shaggy

San Antonio TX

How Many Years Have You Been a Capital City Dancer?
This is my 3rd season with the Austin Toros

Why Do You Dance?
I dance because I love to feel the beat take over my body and perform for the crowd.

Other Than School or Work, What Do You Like to Do in Your Free Time?
In my free time I like to go shopping and have fun with my family and friends

Favorite Sport/Team:
San Antonio Spurs are my favorite team.

What's Your Favorite Season and Why?
My favorite season is the summer time because I love to hang out by the beach/pool.

Three Things in Your Purse You Can't Live Without:
Three things in my purse I can't live without are my cell phone, mascara, and my debit card.

What's One Interesting Fact About Yourself?
One interesting fact about me is that Spanish was my first language.

What Would Your Dream Job Be?
My dream job is to be a fashion designer for many artist.

If You Could Have Dinner with One Person, Who Would it Be and Why?
If I could have dinner with one person it would be Trey songz because he is my favorite R&B singer.

Favorite Thing About Austin, Texas:
My favorite thing about Austin TX is the beautiful lakes.



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