I donít have one.

Lake Jackson, TX

How Many Years Have You Been a Capital City Dancer?
This is my third year on the team.

Why Do You Dance?
I love the excitement of performing in front of a crowd and being able to express myself through dance.

Other Than School or Work, What Do You Like to Do in Your Free Time?
Yoga, watching movies, playing with my puppy

Favorite Sport/Team:
Texas Longhorns football, the Spurs and the Dallas Cowboys

What's Your Favorite Season and Why?
Fall, because I love Texas football, the short period of nice weather, and Halloween.

Three Things in Your Purse You Can't Live Without:
Stride gum, lip gloss, sunglasses

What's One Interesting Fact About Yourself?
I love to travel! I was a foreign exchange student in Italy and I studied abroad in Argentina.

What Would Your Dream Job Be?
A job involving P.R. and communications. I want to be able to interact with people out in the community. I also want to be able to keep dancing.

If You Could Have Dinner with One Person, Who Would it Be and Why?
Matthew McConaughey because heís funny, cute and went to UT.

Favorite Thing About Austin, Texas:
I love how different Austin is. There is no other place in the world quite like Austin. There are so many fun things to do and see.

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