Age: 27

What is Your Rank as a Capitol City Dancer? Rookie

Name Three Adjectives That Describe You: Calm, strong, and compassionate

Where Do You Work/Go to School? Texas State

Why Do You Dance? Dancing is my stress relief and the best part of my days

What are Your Hobbies (Besides Dance)? Shopping and taking care of the ones I love

What is One Thing You Must Do Before You Die? Travel and have my own family

What is a Fear You Want to Overcome? Fear of speaking in front of a large crowd

Name One Person Who Inspires You and Why? My mom, she’s always positive and a bright light

If You Could Have Dinner with Anyone, Who Would You Choose and Why? My family

Favorite Holiday? Christmas

Favorite Place to Go in Austin? Mt. Bonnell

Name Three Things You Can’t Live Without: Cell phone, makeup, and my dog Bella

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Chinese

Favorite Quote: “You can’t take the elevator to success; you have to take the stairs.”, “Live in the moment.”