Age: 25

What is Your Rank as a Capitol City Dancer? 2nd year veteran

Name Three Adjectives That Describe You: Goal oriented, motivated, loud

Where Do You Work/Go to School? Full time student at Texas State majoring in accounting

Why Do You Dance? I love to feel the beat take over my body and perform for people.

What are Your Hobbies (Besides Dance)? Listen to music, shopping, having fun with people who care about me.

What is One Thing You Must Do Before You Die? Start a family

What is a Fear You Want to Overcome? The fear of rejection or failure. I am very goal oriented and these fears are not an option.

Name One Person Who Inspires You and Why? My mother because she raised 2 beautiful, successful and independent women. She inspires me to have a big heart for family and those in need.

If You Could Have Dinner with Anyone, Who Would You Choose and Why? Dinner with my immediate family because I embrace any moment I get to spend with them which makes me extremely happy.

Favorite Holiday? Christmas because we celebrate a special birthday and I get to be around family.

Favorite Place to Go in Austin? Anywhere by the lakes

Name Three Things You Can’t Live Without: Cell phone, family, my car “niomee”

Favorite Color: Yellow/pink

Favorite Food: Chocolate chip cookies

Favorite Quote: “The difference between impossible and the possible lies in person determination.” – Tommy Lasorda