Courtney Marie

Age: 20

What is Your Rank as a Capitol City Dancer? Rookie

Name Three Adjectives That Describe You: Spontaneous, outspoken, passionate

Where Do You Work/Go to School? Texas State University

Why Do You Dance? To entertain and to express how I’m feeling

What are Your Hobbies (Besides Dance)? Obsessive movie watching, barbequing, camping

What is One Thing You Must Do Before You Die? Perform on stage with an icon/be in a music video

What is a Fear You Want to Overcome? Open water—scuba diving anyone?

Name One Person Who Inspires You and Why? Mi mamacita because she’s the most determined independent woman I know. She’s everything I hope to become.

If You Could Have Dinner with Anyone, Who Would You Choose and Why? Russell Brand—He’d have me laughing and spitting out my food in no time.

Favorite Holiday? Thanksgiving

Favorite Place to Go in Austin? The Domain

Name Three Things You Can’t Live Without: Luna Bars, music, and sunshine

Favorite Color: black cherry

Favorite Food: mint-chocolate chip ice cream

Favorite Quote: “Perfection is the goal and I’m headed to the pylon.”