2008-09 Capital City Dancers: Lanay

Name: Lanay

Nickname: Lanay-nay

Birthday: March 6

Hometown: San Antonio

Years on Team: 2nd year

College Attended/Attending: Texas State

Hobbies: Exercising

Pets: Chocolate Lab. (Cooper)

Favorite Restaurants: Olive Garden, Asia Kitchen, and Salsalitos

Favorite Movies: 26 Dresses, Wedding Crashers, Sex & the City

Favorite Music: all types

Favorite or Dream Car: Range Rover (red)

Favorite or Dream Vacation Spot: Tropical Island

Favorite Holiday: Christmas and Halloween

Favorite Color: Purple and Red

Favorite Sports Team (besides the Toros): Texas A&M

Favorite Store to Shop: Forever 21, Express

Beauty Product You Can't Live Without: Mascara

How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Have In Your Closet: too many!

How Long Have You Been Dancing: 15 years

Who Is Your Dance Icon: Julia H

What Are Your Long-Term Goals: Successful Career, and be happy!

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