2008-09 Capital City Dancers: Kassie

Name: Kassie

Nickname: KP

Birthday: Dec 27

Hometown: Tyler

Years on Team: 1st year

College Attended/Attending: UT Austin

Hobbies: dancing, arts & crafts

Pets: my princess kitty - Godiva, two turtles – Filbert and Master Oogway, 2goldfish Gorge (in Spanish accent) and Sharky, and two snails – Salt and Pepper

Favorite Restaurants: Cracker Barrel, Shady Grove, Kirby Lane, Pecan Street Cafe

Favorite Movies: E.T., Far and Away, Cold Mountain, anything scary but no gory stuff…. yuck

Favorite Music: I love everything – country, rap, Christian, classical, classic rock, indie…. Everything

Favorite or Dream Car: escalade

Favorite or Dream Vacation Spot: favorite –any beach, dream - India

Favorite Holiday: Halloween and Christmas

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Sports Team (besides the Toros): Cowboys and Longhorns… of course

Favorite Store to Shop: Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie

Beauty Product You Can't Live Without: Mary Kay eye make-up remover and eye primer

How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Have In Your Closet: way too many to count!

How Long Have You Been Dancing: since I was 2 ˝

Who Is Your Dance Icon: Gene Kelly

What Are Your Long-Term Goals: To be successful in life by serving others and having a family

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