NBA D-League All-Star Q&As: Pierre Jackson, P.J. Hairston and Dee Bost

One is showing himself to New Orleans Pelicans fans for the first time since the team drafted him. One is hoping to use the Boost Mobile NBA D-League All-Star Three-Point Competition as yet another launchpad to June's NBA Draft. One is a surprise participant in this weekend's festivities, having found out he'd been named a replacement All-Star just three days ago.

Pierre Jackson, P.J. Hairston and Dee Bost are among the 30 NBA D-League players headed to New Orleans to participate in this weekend's All-Star festivities. Read what else they had to say about their journeys:


How much are you looking forward to showing what you can do in New Orleans?

I'm looking forward to having fun out here, it being my first time here. It's not necessarily a real game. If it was the Idaho Stampede versus somebody, I think would play at a different level. But I'm still gonna try to have fun and compete and try to win. It depends on how the game's flow is. If the gameís serious from the start, thatís how Iím gonna play.

There's been a lot of buzz about you. Have you felt it at all?

Yeah. I interact with my fans on Twitter and I try to keep in touch with them so yeah, I see it all, man. I mean, my momís on Twitter so she lets me know what someone says. I guess she searches my name on there or something like that. So Iím in a loop with all that.

What's it like being ranked the Top Prospect in the league?

Itís cool being up there. Itís a lot of pressure added, as well, but Iíll take it if it comes with playing good. Itís always a good thing.

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

Just being able to see the New Orleans fans. The fans in New Orleans want to see my face and it's gonna be a good chance for them to do it."


What was it like to go out there and score 40 in a professional game?

I was just playing ball. Of course I was feeling it so my teammates looked for me. But the main thing is I kept my composure and at the end of the day I was just playing ball and being myself.

Talk about the competition in the league compared to college basketball in the ACC.

Itís grown men. Some of these guys are vets in the game and some of these guys are young, but most of them have either played in the NBA or played in Summer League. These guys, they know how to play the game. They're a lot stronger. Some are faster. It takes some getting used to, but I feel like I was already ready because my body is pretty much the same size as the rest of these guys.

Have you gotten any feedback on your draft status?

I donít really pay attention to mock drafts or any of that. I play ball and I just kind of let people tell me.

How does it feel being in the three-point competition?

Itís a big-time thing knowing that I came right out of college like a month ago. It feels good. Iím gonna take advantage of this situation and Iím thankful for it.


How much of an honor is it to participate in the All-Star Game?

Itís a great honor to be here with this group of guys. Even if it was last-minute, I was still one of the top players. Iíve still got a point to prove no matter what. Iím gonna play this game like itís a real game and play with a chip on my shoulder, try to go for the assist record.

You've been on a nice run. What's been working for your offense

Weíve got E.J. -- great shooter. Weíve got Kevin Murphy; he can score the ball. Pierre. Dallas catching lobs. Weíve got a pretty good team, right now weíve just got to find a way to win. As a point guard, I try to look more to pass first and I try to look for rebounds as a point guard. Every game I try to get a triple-double. Points, I can get those at any time. I just try to get everybody involved.

You have a lot of scorers, but they all score in different ways. As a point guard, how do you tailor to what they do best?

Well I know Pierre can create his own shot at anytime from anywhere. I know I have to find E.J. in his spots 'cause heís a spot-up shooter and Murphy, he likes to cut a lot and pull-up from mid-range.

What's it been like playing with Pierre?

We play well off each other. I also think that he helped me a lot because in college I had to score more and thatís what hurt me in becoming a true point guard. But right now him scoring the ball can take a lot off me and I can try to be the true point guard that I can be.

He just posted those dunks on Instagram. What else has he done to 'wow' you?

Iíve seen him dunk before. Iíve seen him do warm-up windmills a couple times. I told him he shouldíve entered the Dunk Contest, but he didnít want to. He can get up at his size, but heís not 5-11.