Box-score afficionadoes might remember Toronto's March 14 win over Atlanta as the game in which rookie Chris Bosh matched his career-high for rebounds, with 16. Those who watched the game, however, will probably remember Bosh's day for an outstanding dunk the 20-year-old planted on fellow rookie Boris Diaw. talked to the humble Bosh about the dunk, and got him to discuss the anatomy of this incredibly stylish play.

Watch Bosh drop it on Diaw:
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Question: How would you describe the dunk? One of your best? Or just another play?
Chris Bosh:
"It was just another play. Really. It happens. That's my job right there."

Q: Was the dunk as hard (challenging) as it looked?
"I play basketball. (Laughing). It's what I do. Especially being tall."

Q: For those who have never dunked, and never will, is there much of a risk of injury when you throw it down that hard? It looks, and sounds, like you could really hurt yourself if you miss.
"No. It's just that pretty much getting caught up in the game. It's being aggressive and expressing how you feel and trying to get the fans and your team into it. So, I don't really think about things like that."

Q: The announcer described the dunk as "sick, wicked and nasty." How would you describe it?
(Laughing) "He got it right, I think. Just sick, that's it."

Q: Do you ever notice who you're dunking on? In this one, you absolutely posterized Boris Diaw.
"No. Not at all. I just go up and throw it down."

Q: Is it easier to dunk when someone is rising up to meet you? Does the challenge make you get up even higher and attack harder?
"No, it just makes my arm go up higher. It actually makes it tougher. They can foul you, get in your way so you can't see the bucket, anything can happen when they are right there with you."

Q: Do you have a favorite dunk?
"No. They're all pretty much the same."

--Interview conducted by Jim Reilly,