College - Cleveland State

Stan Kellers oversees the Cavaliers athletic performance management process. Kellers also maintains his assistant coach/strength and conditioning coordinator role for the Cavaliers which he began in August of 1996. He came to the Cavaliers after working at the Cleveland Clinic for 15 years, most recently as an exercise physiologist in the section of Sports Medicine.

Kellers is responsible for coordinating strength, conditioning and flexibility programs for each member of the Cavaliersí team. In addition to developing in-season programs, he works individually with each player during the offseason to prepare them for the rigors of an NBA campaign. In his role as process coordinator, Kellers works closely with the teamís head athletic trainer and physical therapist to ensure each Cavaliers player is provided the highest quality care, services and programs in the medical and strength and conditioning areas.

Kellers is a graduate of Cleveland State University with a Masterís degree in Exercise Science. He and his wife, Dana, and two daughters, Shelby Lynn and Samantha, reside in Olmsted Township.