PLAYA VISTA – Clippers head coach Doc Rivers says the Clippers are going to eventually make a roster move, he’s just unsure when it will happen.

“We’re going to [sign a player to a 10-day contract], but we’re not sure if it’s going to be for Sasha [Vujacic] or someone else,” Rivers said. “And I don’t know when we’re going to do one, but we’ll do one eventually.”

Vujacic, 29, had his initial 10-day deal expire on Feb. 12. He is eligible to sign a second one, but the Clippers have not done so yet, instead deciding to keep the roster at 14 players. They may be inclined to wait until after Thursday’s trade deadline to make any additions, according to Rivers.

“That’s why you don’t want to do a 10-day because you don’t want to have the extra contract,” Rivers said. “You may need [the roster spot]. I don’t think anything is going to happen, honestly. But you just never know.”

As is always the case at this time of year, Rivers said the team is evaluating what is out there. That doesn’t mean, however, that they will make a move.

“There are always a lot of phone calls,” Rivers said. “That’s what our jobs are and everyone else’s job. We’re not out there looking for anything or looking to move anyone, but people are calling. And so you do listen.”

Rivers has been adamant for the past two months that he likes the current Clippers roster and even with J.J. Redick, who is expected to sit out for the fifth game in a row Tuesday against the Spurs, still nursing a sore right hip and Willie Green on the mend from the same injury, it has not changed Rivers’ stance.