Here are some of the best comments from Doc Rivers and Mark Jackson’s pregame media conferences prior to Game 3 at Oracle Arena:


On the advantage the Warriors have playing at Oracle Arena:

“It’s really nice. The fans are right on top of you. I think it’s easy for them now to be good. The reason I respect them is they were good when they were bad. I’ve always said that about this place. You’ve got to give them respect. They come out and support. I thought them, Utah, there are only a certain amount of places that do it good or bad. And I think this is one of them. Now that they’re good I think they’re really loud and they’re excitable and they have passion. I think that’s always good.”

On whether or not turnovers have bothered him:

“I don’t like turnovers period. No matter who they’re from. We could have 15, five. I just don’t like turnovers in the Playoffs, especially against a team like Golden State because they not only score when you turn the ball over they score three. So, you can’t turn the ball over.”

On being the challenge of being an NBA official:

“I love them. I get on them. I’m probably as hard on them as anybody. And I’m not saying this to sway them or anything, but all you have to do is ref a practice and you’ll get it. It’s a terrible job. It’s a tough job and I’m so bad in practice that I think our guys really enjoy the games. I don’t call anything in practice. I don’t know. It’s a hard job. I really think it is.”


On the status of forward/center Festus Ezeli, who has been out all season while recovering from knee surgery:

“He’s now free for 1-on-1 full contact. He’s now free for 5-on-0 up and down the floor. I think the next step will be 5-on-5 contact and we’ll go from there. He’s not going to play anytime soon, meaning tonight or on Sunday. We’ve got to stay true to the process.”

On holding home court advantage in the series after winning one game in Los Angeles:

“You don’t want to make it so negative or so depressing. If you’re Memphis, you lose Game 1, you win Game 2 and it’s ‘What a great trip, you did a good job.’ If you’re us and you win Game 1 and lose Game 2, it’s head down and depressed. At the end of the day, the good teams I’ve played for and the great teams I played for when you went into another team’s building, you want to win two, but when you win one in the Playoffs you change the conditions.”

On whether Blake Griffin’s passing is a deciding factor in how and when to double-team him:

“That really doesn’t come into play. He’s an outstanding basketball player and in my opinion this is his best year. He’s off to a great start to his career, but this year I think he’s much more comfortable on the block and much more comfortable shooting the basketball. So, he’s a much tougher guy to have to defend and he’s played at an incredible level for two games in this series.”