For the next three weeks, the Clippers may resemble a band of Lemuel Gullivers, the fictional world traveler whose fantastical journeys took him to lands afar.

Beginning Saturday, Oct. 6, the team plays five preseason games in five cities: Las Vegas, Beijing, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City. The trek spans more than 15,000 sky miles, and while they may not wind up in Lilliput or Luggnagg, the travel is not the customary preseason schedule. 

Here is the training camp installment of my monthly power rankings, which are posted on the first Friday of every month. While teams just started practicing over the last week, there have been a number of transactions and noteworthy injuries since the last edition. I took into account some of the more significant storylines coming out of teams’ camps and adjusted the rankings accordingly. I also added a column for last month’s ranking as well as one to show each team’s recent trend.