LOS ANGELES–After the Clippers missed their first four shots Wednesday at Staples Center against the Utah Jazz Blake Griffin chased down a miss along the baseline and dribbled into a layup.

He also slammed into the scorer’s table diving for a loose ball, crashed to the floor after a rough foul from Marvin Williams, and nabbed a steal and dribbled up the sideline to spin into a running bank shot on his way to 23 points in 29 minutes.

The ball came out of Chris Paul’s right hand as he drove to the basket and it looked like it was destined to be a turnover. It just floated about 2 feet above the rim, a defender within inches of leaping and snatching it away.

That’s when DeAndre Jordan emerged. He was sprinting the floor a step or two behind Paul, who left the ball on a platter for his exuberant young center. Jordan rose up, grabbed the ball with two hands, and in seemingly one motion dunked it and swung off the rim. The defender never had a chance.

Reserve forward Lamar Odom practiced for the first time in more than three weeks Monday as the Clippers continued working towards their season opener against the Memphis Grizzlies.
Odom, who said he participated in more than half of the two-hour workout, has not been on the court in a full-contact capacity since he scored four points with three assists in the Clippers, 99-89, win over the Heat in Shanghai on Oct. 7.