After a season on the road with the Clippers one thing that surprised me was how often great food is available at every stop, whether on the plane, at the hotel or in each arena. Some of the best food, though, is found at local spots in the 28 cities we visit every year. So many times during 2012-13 road trips I would hear about a restaurant from players or coaches or fellow media members that have been on the road before.

This year on, Clippers radio announcer Brian Sieman and I will attempt to bring readers some of that same experience. We will write intermittent accounts of some of the best local places we grab a bite to eat on the road, including comments from other members of the traveling party when applicable or available.

Here is our second entry in’s travel blog: food edition:

It was the second road game, but first road trip of the season when the Clippers visited Sacramento on Friday, Nov. 1. I was disappointed that was back-to-back scenario, if only, because I couldn’t go to Dad’s Sandwiches on S Street near downtown twice.

Yes, Dad’s is that good.

I first heard about Dad’s two years ago. I wrote about the Clippers, but was not among the group that traveled regularly. Apparently, it was discovered by a member of the Communications Department in one of the free weekly newspapers in Sacramento under the headline: “Best Sandwich in the City.”

Since then, it has been dubbed by a number of people I know who have been there in more grandiose terms like “best sandwich in the world” or the greatest thing my tastebuds have touched in the history of lunchtime. Okay, so that last one was particularly ridiculous.

Dad’s is owned by Mick Stevenson and Dennis Rogers. Both men double as punk rock guitarists in separate Sacramento-area bands. The S Street location has been around for five years and there is definitely a punk vibe. I’ve been there four times, including Friday, and there are always fliers taped to the window for local shows and music of everything from The Clash to Killing the Dream (Stevenson’s band) coming from the small kitchen.

The sandwiches truly are fantastic. They offer a number of creative selections, both hot and cold, as well as salads and soup. There is the “Pastrami Mami” (grilled pastrami and onions and provolone with 1000 island dressing), the “Fat Elvis” (peanut butter, honey and banana), and the “Beach Bum” (turkey, bacon, avocado, cream cheese, red onion, brown mustard and pepper plant). On Friday I opted for the “Blue Collar Dream,” which is at the top of their menu which is stylized in beautiful, carefully printed chalk.

The dream is tri tip, Monterrey jack, black olives, red onion, roasted bell peppers and mushrooms with garlic spread and brown mustard on roll. The flavors melted together perfectly. I loved the taste of the bell peppers with the mushrooms and the meat was tender and filling.

I added a bag of jalapeno chips and a bottle of peach lemonade to top it off and got out the door under $10. I wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone on the trip to visit Dad’s when the team returns to California’s capital on Nov. 29. Even if I go it alone, I’ll can’t wait to go back.