Tom Thibodeau

Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau has won NBA Coach of the Year (2011) and led Chicago to the top seed in the Eastern Conference (2012). Prior to Saturday evening’s matchup with the Clippers, Thibodeau, who is entering his third season manning Chicago’s sideline, talked about Jamal Crawford, Blake Griffin, and the Clippers’ depth, among other topics. Here is a brief rundown of what he discussed:

On Jamal Crawford’s hot start to the season: 

Tom Thibodeau: “It’s Jamal, he’s always been explosive. I think the thing that’s been a little unusual is him being the leading scorer but he’s the type of guy that it doesn’t take much to get him going. He hits a couple shots and then he’s hard to turn off.”

On overall depth of the Clippers’ lineup:  

TT: They are very versatile, can change lineups, have great speed and are very explosive so it keeps enormous pressure on your defense at all times.”

“They are a lot more than just a one man team. Chris Paul puts enormous pressure on you; [Eric] Bledsoe is terrific, [Caron] Butler and Willie Green have done a great job and we aren’t even talking about their front line yet. Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan; those guys are a deep team. [Matt] Barnes has given them good minutes, [Ryan] Hollins has given them good minutes. There’s really no drop off. Their bench guys are really starters.”

On DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin:

TT: “I think, that along with their experience, they’re hard working and they’ve had success so they are playing off things, playing off each other extremely well.”

“I guy like Blake you’re not guarding him individually, we understand that. We have to guard him with our team.”

On the job Head Coach Vinny Del Negro has done with the Clippers:

TT: “Terrific. He’s done a great job here. He really has. I think he’s gotten his team to play extremely hard. They’re playing smart. They’re playing together. I think he’s done a great job.”