Here are some of the best comments from Doc Rivers and Mark Jackson’s pregame media conferences prior to Game 7 Saturday at Staples Center:


On whether or not the high number of Game 7’s in the NBA is a sign of parity:

“I know in the West it’s definitely parity. And good parity. Like I’ve said before the Playoffs started, four very good teams in the West are going to go home and we’re trying to avoid being one of them. I didn’t anticipate it was going to be like this, but you could see each matchup and see it was going to be a hard first round.”

On Blake Griffin getting double-teamed:

“I don’t know if it’s Blake having trouble with the double-teams or if we’ve not done a good job with the double-teams as a group. So, I don’t want to put that on Blake. We have to put our guys in better spots for him to be able to see the open guys. Whenever there is a double-team that means someone is open and a lot of times two guys could be open.”

On how much Chris Paul’s injuries have impacted him:

“I think defensively he’s been terrific. I think what he has decided is that I’m just going to focus on that. He’s still trying to be aggressive offensively and we want him to be. But when you watch on film, he really struggles where he’s [usually] great on the isos on the elbows, he just can’t get away from anyone. We’ve been trying to use more picks just to get them off of his body and that hasn’t been very effective.”


On which team has the pressure on them this series:

“The facts remain that [the Clippers] have two of the top 10 players in the world. The facts tell me that they have the Sixth Man of the Year winner, again. The facts tell me that they have a future Hall of Fame coach. The facts tell me that they’re a better basketball team over the course of 82 games, which made them the No. 3 seed and gave them home-court advantage in Game 7. So, the facts are that they are the better basketball team up and to this point and the pressure is on them to finish off a No. 6 seed.”

On Jermaine O’Neal’s condition:

“He went through some stuff this morning and we’ll see how he feels in a little bit. He’s a guy who deserves this moment. He’s had an incredible career. You never know when it’s your last. He’s a guy that’s been inspiration to us all and he’s been a great leader in our locker room.”

On Klay Thompson’s mindset going into Game 7:

“There’s no concern about Klay Thompson. The guy is as cool as it gets.”