Here are some of the best comments from Doc Rivers and Mark Jackson’s pregame media conferences prior to Game 4 at Oracle Arena:


On the psyche of his players heading into Game 4:

“I really have no idea. Honestly, I just don’t know. From a coaching standpoint you’re concerned. They’ve been pulled in a million directions over the last 24 hours and that’s a fact.”

On how preparation for the game has gone:

“I’ve done my job. You lock yourself in a room and turn your phones off and you watch all the film and you do all the preparation. So, the basketball preparation is done, for sure. I don’t think any of this has taken me away from any of that. The mental preparation on the other hand, that’s where I just don’t know.”

On if he needs to watch how the game starts to determine if his players are completely engaged:

“That’s a good question. I’m going to start the game like it’s any other game, but knowing that it may not be. I don’t know how this game is going to play out. We could start out great. We could come out and start out great and then run out of gas emotionally. I just don’t know any of that. Honestly, the latter is my biggest fear that emotionally we can get through the beginning of the game but can do we have enough in the tank.”


On whether or not Draymond Green is going to start:

“I’m still thinking about it and going to make a decision relatively soon. But I think our biggest issue is getting back to who we are as a team and playing our way, taking care of the basketball. So, whatever the lineup is we’ve got to get back to our principles.”

On if his team has been distracted in last 24 hours:

“It’s absolutely a distraction. But we understand the assignment. And the challenge is... I see people say, well, do you boycott? No. You stand up there and you answer questions as an African-American man and you sound intelligent and you carry yourself and conduct yourself to answer and let people know. Don’t get it twisted. You make a statement by who you are, by players on the floor, by Steph Curry and Chris Paul getting after it and still communicating and calling and texting, by handling yourself with dignity and class. That’s how you respond.”