Senior VP of Basketball Operations & Head Coach, Glenn “Doc” Rivers

RE: Overall thoughts on Reggie Bullock

“I like him. He’s one of the guys we wanted. We felt like we needed more shooting; he does that. I love the fact he’s a big program guy. He’s been a guy that understands his role, that’s what he did at North Carolina. Having been a guy who’s been to a lot of Duke vs. North Carolina games, I got a chance to see him up close. He can play the small forward position, he can shoot it on the catch and he can defend. Those are all of the things we have targeted and we got him.”

RE: 25th pick as a rotation guy?

“You understand what’s coming to you. You target guys you think would fit your team, but at the end of the day, you almost look at the best player. And when you’re down at 25, 26, you don’t have a lot of say-so in the draft. You have to sit back and wait. The guy we wanted was still there and that was good.”

RE: Overall thoughts on the draft

“It’s funny. I kept hearing ‘not a good draft, not a good draft,’ but I think what people were saying was there may not be a superstar in the draft, but there were a lot of good players in the draft. I think it was a deep draft, but I don’t know necessarily if it was a great draft at the top as far as a difference maker. So that was good for us in this draft.”

RE: Likeable factors

“I liked the way he carried himself. I the workout and the fact he knows what he knows, he knows what he does and he never strays away from that. You can tell that Roy Williams probably kept beating that into him that ‘you’re a shooter, you’re a catch and shoot player.’ But he never put himself in a position where he could make a mistake, and that’s really nice when you see players like that.”

RE: Role played in the free agency period

“I call all of the college coaches and try and get all of the tips on how to recruit and so that’s what we’ll do. We have a great place and it’s a great place to recruit, I can tell you that.”

RE: Identifying what the team needs

“I like this team, now. I don’t know if we need to do anything. We want to add to the team, we don’t want to take away from the team. That’s the way I’m looking at it so far. I saw a team that won 56 games, that won 17 games in a row at one point and because they didn’t go past the first round, I think you tend to think you’re not ready. It’s a young team that needs growth, I don’t know if it’s a young team that needs change. Obviously we’re going to look around but I like the team the way it is and I think we just need to keep adding to it.”

RE: Working in the draft room

“It was different for me because I’m in there and I’m helping make decisions. It was quick. I really leaned on Gary [Sacks] and his staff; they’ve done all the leg work. The key for me was to not mess them up. They’ve done the work and you’ve got to allow them to do their work. They pretty much knew what I wanted and fortunately the guys they targeted were guys I liked. It was a good fit.”

RE: Memories of working for TNT 15 years ago

“We were laughing about that. I was talking to Mrs. Sterling and it was the first time and only time I ever did sideline reporting and I didn’t know what I was doing. Mrs. Sterling invited me into the draft room and I sat in there next to them and they picked [Michael] Olowokandi.”

RE: Sense of new beginnings with the Clippers

“I have an amazing amount of energy right now. When you go somewhere new, you just feel invigorated. I was close to taking a break just because the grind of nine years in row. Now you’re somewhere new, your mind is on all the time. Sleep is unheard of right now because of it and it’s a good feeling. That’s how you want to be, you want to be in the fray and I am. I’m so committed in trying to get it right, that’s the goal. Like I said yesterday, we’ve won two playoffs here since we’ve been in LA. We want to win four in one season. To do that, its’ going to take a heck of a lot of work and I’m ready for it.”

VP of Basketball Operations, Gary Sacks

RE: Reggie Bullock fitting in immediately with team

 “It takes a little bit of time, especially on a team like ours to become part of the rotation and to put himself in that position. But we feel like we got a guy who brings a skill set to our team that you can never have a shortage of, and that’s shooting. Being able to do that I think will help us get down the floor quicker.”

RE: Reggie Bullock’s defensive abilities

 “He takes pride in guarding his man. I think he’s really good in terms of being a team defender and working within a system. He puts a lot of effort into his defensive ability and he wants to shut down the guy he’s guarding.”

RE: Making a move in the second round

“We had some conversations about that. We always talk to everybody about moving around and getting into different positions, but there just wasn’t anybody there at that point that we felt like we wanted to take.”

RE: Draft surprises

“No. There were some surprises in terms of where people were drafted but for the most part, I think it went kind of how we thought it would go.”

RE: Reggie still available for the 25th pick

“Well, I wouldn’t say I was surprised, but I was pleasantly pleased. He was one the top guys on our board and obviously we felt like what he brings to the table will really help us. We were very happy that he was there.”

RE: Earlier draft workouts

“There were a group of guys that we really liked that we brought in here we thought could contribute but quite honestly, Reggie was probably the number one guy for us.”

RE: Translating into a shooting guard or small forward

“I think we’re going to have to wait and see just where he is and how he fits in. He’s going to develop his game when he comes here. We’re going to work with him to improve in areas that he needs to improve upon. He brings a couple of things to the table right now that can help us right away.

RE: Rivers working out Bullock in Boston

“Doc [Rivers] had seen him and we watched a lot of film in the last couple of days together and discussed prospects and everything. So, we were all on the same page and it was unanimous in our draft room. That was the guy.”

RE:  Changes between game tape and workouts

“I think he’s a great young man, an excellent teammate. He’s going to be a real good chemistry guy. His release is efficient and quick with his length and size. As an athlete, he’s a little bit underrated, he’s pretty athletic. We felt like seeing him here in person, it really stood out; his size and his ability to shoot.”

RE: Need for development

“Whether he can come right in and contribute for us, we’ll see. It’s just going to have to be one of those things that, until you get him in the program and get him out on the floor, we’ll have to evaluate that. We feel the talent is there.”

RE: Importance of his collegiate improvement

“He was a high school All-American. This wasn’t a guy that was unknown coming into college but yes, he improved, and that’s a testament to his work ethic. In everything that he did, he became a better shooter, a better defender, a better player off the dribble and every year he progressed.”

RE: Danny Green comparison

“You know I don’t like to compare players to other players, but if he can shoot like Danny Green, we’ll be pretty happy. I think that he has the potential to do that.”

RE: Rebounding skills

“He’s an excellent rebounder, absolutely. That’s something that is important for us.”

RE: Acquiring a new player before free agency 

“He gives us another tool, another way of addressing the needs we have. It’s going to be something that we’ll have to get him in the summer league and get him out there and have him play with the guys in our system and we’ll see what we’ve got.”