Lawler''s NBA Draft Preview

(Ralph Lawler--the legendary "Voice of The Clippers" gives his overview of the top prospects)

The 2001 NBA Draft is upon us, and once again the Clippers are in a position to improve themselves dramatically. The team holds the second pick in the draft's first round. Here's a preview of the top prospects:

Shane Battier Shane Battier
Height: 6-9
School: Duke
The Buzz: The only college grad among the projected top picks. What you see is what you get: mature, good work ethic, smart, top character traits.
The Question: Is he as good as he's ever going to be?

Kwame Brown Kwame Brown
Height: 6-11
School: Glynn Academy H.S. (Brunswick, GA)
The Buzz: Best NBA body of the 6 Prep prospects. Built along the lines of Cliff Robinson and he's only 18 years old. He can shoot the ball.
The Question: Will he develop an inside game?

Tyson Chandler Tyson Chandler
Height: 7-0
School: Dominguez H.S. (Compton, CA)
The Buzz: He's 7-feet tall and he runs like no man his size in the NBA. Very athletic. A quality shot blocker with a developing offensive game.
The Question: Will he add strength to his long and lanky frame?

Eddy Curry Eddy Curry
Height: 6-10
School: Thornwood H.S. (Chicago, IL)
The Buzz: They call him "Baby Shaq" and he fits the part at close to 300 pounds. He's a true back to the basket center; one of the few in the draft. Has offensive skills.
The Question: Can he endure the rigors of a full NBA season?

Eddie Griffin Eddie Griffin
Height: 6-9
School: Seton Hall
The Buzz: His one year of college experience gives him an edge. He is ready to contribute right now. Has a solid inside and outside game. A shot blocker, too.
The Question: Will he be able to mesh well with his new team?

Jason Richardson Jason Richardson
Height: 6-7
School: Michigan State
The Buzz: Very athletic in the mold of a Vince Carter. Has the tools to be a prototype swingman.
The Question: Will he develop an outside shot?

Rodney White Rodney White
Height: 6-9
School: UNC Charlotte
The Buzz: His stock has been rising for the past month. He can play three positions and score from any of them. Handles the ball well for a player his size. NBA Ready.
The Question: Is he really only 6-7 1/2?

The 2001 Draft is talented and it is deep. Barring a last-minute trade, one of these seven young players will hopefully join the Clippers' already talented cast this fall. It is an exciting prospect for a team that more than doubled its prior year victory total last season.

The Draft is to be held Wednesday afternoon (6/27) and will be televised on TNT starting at 4 PM.