Photo of Antawn Jamison

For the second season in a row forward Antawn Jamison will call Los Angeles his temporary home, but much like a number of NBA veterans his family remains hundreds or thousands of miles away.

It is part of the basketball life, an extended business trip. For Jamison, who resides in Charlotte in the offseason, it is about finding as many spots in the schedule as possible to see his four children.

“We’re kind of used to it now,” said Jamison, who’s entering his 16th NBA season. “They’re to the point where they understand and know that daddy’s got to go away for a couple of months. So, I’ve got to sacrifice and things of that nature. I thank them for that. If they’re not happy and their mama’s not happy, then I can’t do it. But they understand this is something that I really want.”

Jamison has two girls, Alexis, 13, and Kathryn Elizabeth, 8, and two boys, A.J., 6, and Rucker, 4.

“The kids are established. They’re in private school,” Jamison said. “We looked at the schedule to see when they have fall break. My son’s birthday is at the end of December so he’ll come out.

“It’s a one-year deal so you don’t want to uproot them out here.”

When Jamison signed with the Clippers on Aug. 28 he was excited to continue the pursuit of his first championship. Part of that meant playing with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, who he described as two of the “best in the game.”

A.J. may have been equally excited.

“My 6-year-old is just ‘Blake Griffin, Blake Griffin, Blake Griffin,’” Jamison revealed. “It will be good for him to come out and meet the guys. It just amazes me as far as how quickly they develop. He has a high basketball IQ as well. He’ll sit there on NBA TV this whole summer just watching games. For me, having a son that’s what it’s all about, for him to understand the magnitude of the situation daddy’s in.”

His daughters understand the situation as well. And while they may not be up watching Hardwood Classics with their father, Jamison said all four children have helped make his NBA journey a blessing.

“My oldest she understands, but my 8-year-old, she just is like, ‘Bring me something cute, a T-shirt or something,’” Jamison said. “But to have kids and to accomplish what I’ve accomplished and still be in a situation where I can make special things happen, I’ve been blessed. I’d be the first one to tell that I’ve been fortunate and I’m grateful.”