LOS ANGELES – Clippers guard Willie Green hosted 15 families for Thanksgiving dinner Monday at the Salvation Army Siemon Family Youth and Community Center. Along with his family members, Green and Clippers staff served a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, helping out a selection of families in need. 

The participating families were selected from the Salvation Army family services program. The Family Services Department provides emergency assistance to homeless and low-income families and individuals. This event was a surprise for the selected families, maintaining special attention to the sensitive nature of their circumstances.

Tucked back in a quiet room at the Center, the setting was warm and welcoming. The walls were lined with seasonal decorations which helped to create a traditional Thanksgiving atmosphere. Each table was formally set and included a mix of families, all from the Southern Los Angeles area.


From the intimate setting to the Thanksgiving menu, Green and his family contributed in several aspects of the event. Green explained the importance of having an intimate, family-style setting for the participating families.

“An intimate setting is what Thanksgiving is all about,” he said. “It’s what the holidays are about. Getting together with the people that you love, spending time together and talking over a meal. We wanted to create that experience these families.”

Mortimer Jones, the center’s Executive Director, added to why it’s so important to have a family atmosphere for the guests.  

“There’s just something about having this intimate setting and putting a personal touch on it,” Jones said. “For Willie to have his family come and serve and give back, it tells you a lot about him, his family, and the organization that he works for.”

The Green family concluded the evening by giving away food boxes which included non-perishable food items along with an assortment of personal hygiene items to each family.

Green stated, “I just feel so extremely blessed and fortunate to be doing what I’m doing for a living. I don’t think any of us make it to where we are without the help of others. It’s always in my heart to give back. My family and I, we just wanted to something special for Thanksgiving to help others out. Some people just need a smile on their face and I’m happy to be able to do that.”

Danielle, a single mother from the surrounding neighborhood talked about being invited to the Thanksgiving dinner with her son.

“It’s nice to just enjoy the spirit of the holiday with other people like yourself so nobody has to feel like they’re alone. This is a nice reminder that some people are selfless and selfless acts like this do still exist.”