MINNEAPOLIS – Glen “Big Baby” Davis is known for playing with a good deal of emotion. Sometimes, according to Davis, that can be a good thing and other times it’s not.

On Saturday, when the veteran forward was sent to the locker room by Head Coach Doc Rivers for disciplinary reasons during the second quarter of the Clippers’ 11-point victory over the Houston Rockets, Davis’ emotions got the best of him.

“Sometimes [being emotional] can be a good thing and sometimes it’s a bad thing,” Davis said following the Clippers’ win in Minnesota Monday. “[Saturday] was basically a bad thing. But it’s all about getting better.”

Since being signed shortly after he was bought out by the Orlando Magic at the end of February, Davis has been working to get assimilated with the Clippers (53-22) and round into playing shape.

“I want to help this team,” Davis said. “I have to make sure I can be able to play Clipper basketball. I just got here. It’s going to be tough. The transition’s going to be tough. And things are going to happen like that.

“I’m here to play in the Playoffs. These games right now count to get better or whatever, but I want to be ready when the Playoffs start. So, I’m going to do work before, after.”

After shootaround Monday Davis was running sprints and got up extra shots. Since making his debut 15 games ago, Davis is averaging 12.8 minutes per game. The limited playing time and reduced practice schedule have made getting extra repetitions more of a challenge.

“We don’t practice,” Davis said. “I need reps. I need more mental reps. And I have to start by putting myself in Clipper basketball shape and get up and down.”

As for the incident in Houston, Davis said he apologized to his teammates and moved past it. And Rivers has, too.

“It wasn’t that big of a deal,” Rivers said at Monday’s shootaround. “I just thought that game was not right for us. The talk we had was 30 seconds. It wasn’t a long talk.”